How to open personal hotspot on mac

Connect to Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB

I have been trying to fix hotspot on my wifes iPhone 6 and MBA, it would not work most of the time. I noticed the difference on mine that I had a hotspot section like above, where hers had her phone in the regular wifi section. Signing out of iCloud on the mac and signing in again fixed it. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Ask Question. It's showing my iPhone 6, running iOS 8. But I don't see that on my Air. How do I enable Personal Hotspot on my Air? Daryl Spitzer Daryl Spitzer 1, 8 28 It's also off on my Air. The Mac and iPhone need to have the same iCloud account set up.

iPhone: How to use a personal hotspot and change passwords - 9to5Mac

Kevin Grabher Kevin Grabher 4, 1 15 Both Macs and my iPhone are using the same iCloud account. Mine used to have the same issue. Is there another setting I need to adjust?

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I cannot just go out and purchase a bridge because the internet requires you click through to proceed. So frustrating….!! Any idea why, though? The Apache web server remains bundled with […].

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I have to do this every time I switch my Mac on — it seems to forget the setting. Anyone else have the same problem? Sharing is not working after a reboot.

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When you go to the sharing control panel, all settings seem to be right but the internet connection is NOT being shared. I have to turn it off and on to make it work again. This bug has been around for a long time now and makes it unusable for me. Do a search and see how many people are having the same issue. So ive managed to set up the internet sharing so my macbook is working as a router but my iphone cant connect, it picks up the signal and tries to join but never fully joins, am i doing something wrong?

I have my computer connected with an Ethernet cable to my Internet Modem.

Why Apple’s Personal Hotspot Is a Good Idea—and How to Use It

These are my options:. This then […]. I want to either whitelist myself, or blacklist someone from the internetsharing. Either way is fine. This is bc I live with 2 roommates, but our neighbor is useing it aswell. I think one of my roommates gave him the password. Any help is very much appreciated.

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Sorry for the broken English. The airport card cannot handle distance around the workshop. So Anyone know how to do this? I changed the DHCP X and it was off to the races for internet!

If Personal Hotspot is not working on your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

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How To Turn Your Mac into Wi-Fi Hotspot

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