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Featuring an all New Tower and Special Agent, glorious HD graphics, original Tracks and Special Missions, a whole new tier of Specialty Building upgrades, and a never-before-seen Monkey Lab to upgrade your towers, Bloons TD 5 delivers hours of fun and challenging play to fans and new players alike. Now it's time to pop some Bloons! Remember to save to the Steam Cloud after each victory to save your progress.

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System Requirements Windows. OpenGL 2. Windows compatible sound card. OSX Mac compatible. See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. High Volume of Reviews Detected: Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Display As: Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. When enabled, will sort reviews by new Helpfulness score. Read more about it in the blog post. Review Helpfulness Beta Enabled. Loading reviews Spring has sprung in BTD5 which means it's time for a fresh new update!

Take some time to smell the roses as you burst into Bloom, the all new beginner map. Bloons are invading this springtime paradise and it's up to you to clean them out. Let's get popping! It's time for an all new special event in BTD5: Preferred Monkey! Challenge yourself to complete specific tracks using the preferred monkeys for awesome bonus rewards. What new strategies will you discover? Removed Holiday theme. It's the festive season in BTD5 but it's not just Santa visiting these houses, it's the bloons! Put them on the naughty list in our new winter beginner map, Present Delivery.

Happy holidays from everyone at Ninja Kiwi! Get caught up in some terrifyingly tricky bloon popping on our all new expert map: Not brave enough to face your fears alone? Bring along a friend for some frightful co-op fun! It's that time of year when all things ghastly and grim are creeping out after dark and BTD5 is looking scarily spooky.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mac

Ready your blade and prepare for battle on our brand new map: The bloons are storming the castle on this tricky advanced map and it's up to the Monkeys of the Round Table to stop them! Can you halt the bloon invasion and save the realm? Head into the trenches with the all new Bloonvasion event! Defeat 50 waves of bloons on an exclusive map to win fabulous prizes.

Only certain towers are allowed on the front lines each day so strategy is key! Look out for this limited time event on the track select screen. Spring has sprung in BTD 5 with our brand new track: Rabbit Holes! This beginner map will have your monkeys haring around after bloons as they disappear in and out of the ground. Can you keep up? You'll be fighting against the currents with this update as we add the brand new Benguela map!

This expert level map features multiple entry and exit points and very limited space on land. You'll need your very best water towers to conquer this challenge! Removal of Holiday Theme. To celebrate the holidays we've added the brand new Snowy Backyard map. This beginner map is full of festive fun with plenty of space for towers and farms. Try it now and Happy Holidays!

Halloween is over and the ghosts and ghouls have been chased away for another year. Back to the regular bloon popping fun! Bloons follow the path of the rainbow starting from the entrance The cave to the exit. Even though there is a waterfall on this track, the player cannot place any water towers on it. An advanced track that is located on stone terrain, is short, and has tubes that are similar to Monkey Lane 's tunnels. Bloons travelling through the tubes cannot be attacked unless a seeking weapon goes into the tubes.

No water on this track. A track on colored tiles forming the shape of an eye. There are 4 paths for the bloons to come from, but only one is used each round. A track taking place on a stream. There are multiple paths for Bloons to take. Some believe this is connected to snake river. There is water in the stream.

An expert track shaped like a large clock. A good place to place Super Monkeys is at the entrance. Every round, the clock rotates the hands and changes the path of the bloons. It takes 13 rounds for the hour hand to travel a complete circuit around the clock. This track is more challenging; the track is located on top of a castle.

This is the hardest expert track due to its paths. The two paths converge into one; The paths are far from each other; a red bloon can cover the track in approximately 13 seconds. There is a water surrounding the castle. A track that is located in a mountainous desert. There are some cactuses, rocks, dunes, and a bullskull. The paths are not too close to each other; the first one is longer, making 6 short U-turns, and the other one is the shortest in the entire Bloons TD Series. The track is considerably harder because of paths that never touch.

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An expert track that has Monkey Aces flying beneath the clouds. The player can only place towers on the clouds. This track is similar to Main Street , except the tracks go in a diagonal shape. You can see water below but cannot place Buccaneers on it. A retro expert track which has many entrances which converge into one, and go to the bottom. This track is arguably one of the hardest in BTD series. It has water on the bottom sides of the track. This track has 5 entrances and only one exit. A track on a race track. Bloons follow the oil spills created by the race cars that race at the beginning of each round.

24 October, 2018

The two paths never touch. The bloons go in the tunnel and passes next to it, hence, the name. The time of the bloons is considerably short, so be prepared. MOAB-class bloons can easily be damaged because it floats through the tunnels but makes a u-turn at the edge of the screen to go to the next tunnel, causing delay as it is visible for players to see. Added August 28, A beautiful track that locates in a street. The paths intersect each other. Probably, the track Castle is harder than this due to farther apart tracks that never meet until the very end.

Ice towers are very useful on this track. Mortar towers are also useful.

There is water on the top-right corner that has duckies on it. Each attempt costs This track looks like a radioactive symbol. It is located in the laboratory; there are 3 short and separate paths that bloons travel on. This track is the arguably hardest track of the entire BTD series and the hardest Extreme Track of all. This track also suffers from Track Jump Glitch.

There are two new towers, the Monkey Engineer and the Bloonchipper.

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  • The Monkey Engineer is a monkey with a gun, shooting nails. When upgraded, it can place turrets that attack, also by shooting nails. Among its upgrades are Bloon Trap and Overclock ; they allow the engineer to place traps that capture bloons, or to power up a tower for 60 seconds, respectively.

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    The Bloonchipper is a different type of tower, as it sucks up bloons and pops one layer off them before spitting them out. Similarly to the Mortar Tower , it has the potential to pop multiple layers at once, or to suck in bloons thrice as fast. The Bloonchipper 's ability draws all bloons towards it for 8 seconds. The glitch where the in-game tools are displayed on the main menu screen.

    Note the second path upgrade for the Monkey Town. Sign In Don't have an account?