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The first one is the easiest and requires using a Mac and QuickTime 7 Pro. You can keep your current version of QuickTime Player on your Mac and continue to use it for everything else. You only need version 7 for this file conversion. There is no need to delete the current version. In the Registration window, type in the correct name and registration code and hit Return on your keyboard. The QuickTime logo will now display the word Pro on it. Close the Registration window. Locate your video file that you imported from Image Capture. Control-click the file and open it with QuickTime Player 7.

Once you have opened your video file with QuickTime Player 7 , click on the File menu and select Export.

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You should now be in the Movie Settings window. Once the Sound Settings window opens, click on the Channels drop-down menu and select Mono. Find the new video file you just saved and open it in QuickTime whichever version you want. The audio should now be coming out of both output channels! I can "Produce" the project as an MP3 and assign it to mono.

Video recorded with camera app has audio on one side only- how to fix (stereo to mono)

Save to hard drive 3. Then export it back in 4. Copy the new mono audio down to a track and try to align it up. I have done this. But what a PITA! But it works. OK now I have about 30 more videos to do this to. I am not loving it. Maybe you can come to my house and help. You already allow copying and "bouncing" it to another track Simple solution would be to copy an audio track to another track and assign right, left, middle when you drop it.

That is fine if YOU are the person recording. But that doesn't help ME. Recording is already done and I am not the one who did it. Camtasia is a great program no doubt. It is SO good that we try to use it for more than you originally intended. All these features if added with usability in mind can keep your competitors away.

The ease of use and simplicity is what separates you from Sony Vegas for example which has all the features but a big PITA to use. But little simple right mouse contextual assignments like this would not affect ease of use of Camtasia. Nuecke 4 Posts 1 Reply Like. Is this fixed yet? I use a Mac and this was my Mac workaround: Record screencast. Right-click using mouse on your screencast recording in the timeline. Select "Separate Audio and Video" from the pop-up window. Export audio as a "wave" file.

How to Change a Mono Track Into Stereo Track Using Audacity

For some strange reason, that exported sound file will play through BOTH my Mac speakers tested and played through Quicktime. Delete the original sound track in your screencast. Drag the wave file you created into Camtasia and align accordingly with video portion of screencast. This program is pretty awesome; however; it seems like there should be a check box or the like within Camtasia to convert mono to stereo and avoid this hassle.

Probably simple enough for Techsmith to include it into the program. Thank you again, David. Kalle Romanov 21 Posts 4 Reply Likes. Thanks for the workaround I'm disappointed that this entire stereo-mono problem is induced by creating new edition of Camtasia and omitting useful tools. That was also valuable option to control the file size of the final production. Any plans in Techsmith to correct this problem? There seems to be many of us struggling with this! Matt Donley 6 Posts 1 Reply Like. I've got a FIX!!!!!! Soooo frustrating.

But I got it to work without having to edit the audio later. The only way you can get this to work is by switching the recording format from trec to AVI, which disables a TON of the really cool features that make Camtasia so great Keyboard strokes, webcam, mouse , but frankly, this audio problem is soo frustrating, I'd rather sacrifice those features Here's what you need to do: From Camtasia Recorder, go to the Tools menu and click Options.

Under the General tab, switch the "record to" dropdown to ". Make sure whichever audio device you are using is correctly selected in the "Audio Device" dropdown menu.

Re: Can Audacity allow me to add stereo effect to a mono file?

For some reason, the audio quality defaults to the lowest setting, so we need to change that. Then click on "Audio Settings". A window will pop up titled "Audio Format". Click the "Attributes" drop down menu, and scroll down to the highest setting you can find. Click ok until all menus are closed, then test a recording. In lieu of thanking me, can we all continue to pester TechSmith to get this fixed so we don't have to lose a bunch of features just to have audio come out of both speakers?

All they need to do is add a feature in the Studio that converts an audio track to mono. That's it!

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Problem solved: I only had mono on my video, so I first separated the video and audio, then exported the audio as mp3. Put the mp3 into my clip bin and wala! I have stereo now. Barton Poulson 1 Post 1 Reply Like. Problem Solved: My recording is mono but was only coming out of one speaker.

In camtasia: I just clicked on the "show properties panel" button it looks like a gear and it's right above the tracks on the right side , selected the audio icon, and checked "Mix to Mono. Hi, I'm on Camtasia 8. That worked for me on my Mac using Camtasia 2. I was previously splitting, exporting, and re-importing audio see my post above of about 4 months ago.

One detail that you did not include which was not obvious to me but perhaps is to others: You must have a screencast file loaded in to Camtasia to see this option. Perhaps this is also the case for the Windows version? Stefan Scott 1 Post 1 Reply Like. On windows version, you can right click on a separated audio track and choose edit audio. In the window that comes up upper left there is a checkbox with "Mix to Mono". Sofia Nicklasson 7 Posts 0 Reply Likes.