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When i start up Pokemon, everything goes well until i actually play. The touch screen is fine, but the top screen is black. I still get audio, just not visual. I just want to know, When will the next desmume be released?

6150 - Pokemon - White Version 2 (frieNDS)

The next Mac release is geared more towards fixing bugs, improving performance, and cleaning up the code base. Anyways, Thank You for answering it in a polite way because most people just insult these questions. However, I seem to have run into a problem.. Whenever I open a rom in the emulator, the screen is blank.

I can hear the audio, but nothing comes up in the emulator window. Please help! So i x it and restarted but now its a white screen with no music or anything. Can someone help out??? Everytime im trying to open a rom to actually play the game it says that it has stop working and is look for a solution to the problem. A few seconds later it exits out.???? When I open it up I can hear sound and click but all I see is a white screen?

This is the case with other pokemon games as well.

DeSmuME 0.9.8 OSX build updated with Mountain Lion support!

How do I fix this??? Pokemon works for me but everytime i try to press start on it the menu doesnt come up. Can someone please instruct me on what to do. DeSmuME 0.

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August 7, at 6: August 7, at 1: August 7, at 4: Sim says: NO1SE says: August 8, at 2: Solivore says: August 8, at 3: Stelios says: August 8, at 4: August 8, at 8: August 8, at 9: August 8, at August 9, at Zach says: For starters, share this page with your friends. Use the links above: Direct Download Links: For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section. All rights reserved. Game Lists.

Pokemon White Version 2 [DSi Enhanced] (USA, Europe) DS ROM

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So you what you see? Share the LOVE! Role-Playing Action-Adventure Rating: Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum. Pokemon Heartgold Soulsilver. So far, no freeze or glitches whatsoever. Pokemon Black White. Pokemon Black White with AP patch. Pokemon Black White 2. Pokemon Black White 2 with AP patch. I got these from different websites in the past , credits to the owners and uploaders of these roms. I just applied the patch. Newer games like that are waaayy harder to come by on non-torrent sites. Good luck finding them Thank you very much!

Today is the day I start playing emulated games, and playing Heartgold is amazing for me. I played it when I was younger but never owned it and now being able to play it without someone looking over my shoulder at it because it's their copy is absolutely incredible. Take my upnoot, you deserve it.

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I'd like to try out a fan game - and USUM are cool. Thank you so much!


I'm finally playing Black! I'm doing a no starter playthrough because honestly I almost always go with the fire starter and Emboar is ugly as all hell I didn't think anything could be uglier than Blaziken, but they managed somehow. I use an emulator. So technically all pokemon are available to me via PokeGen. I only use it to get the exclusives for each game, and then at the point when I would naturally catch them in game.

I like having the freedom to not have to worry about which version I should get to enjoy the best pokemon. While playing Black, I encountered a bug on Victory Road where one particular Ace Trainer made my game freeze it was right when you arrive at the entrance, at the top of the steps.

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However, I changed out my Pokemon and was able to get by it with no problems. Very odd glitch. It's not bad -- definitely a little slower than Black1, but I chalked that up to newer graphics and such.