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Or slice in and take a bite of cinnamon raisin bliss! Our next raisin bread loaf will be an oatmeal loaf- no swirl. We'll compare and let you know the results!! Giada and I were at peace in the kitchen this week. We both had a lot on our plates and were busied with other things, so when she suggested making "the Italian version of mashed potatoes" I didn't have any qualms with that. Any version of polenta Wonder if anybody brought any rich, roasted meat to go along with it I used flat leaf parsley, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, fresh chives.

For those of you who were anticipating a cat fight in the kitchen this week Check back, though Giada and I still have plenty of time together. Of course not But I can honestly say that they will at least try everything. They have pretty adventurous palates. I must say, though It's actually pretty normal. With a mom who spends most of her time in the kitchen and a dad whose eaten pretty much anything you can think of and that's just the way he was raised- to not waste any part of an animal Food made with loving hands Another thing people wonder is if my kids don't just want macaroni and cheese or poptarts or pizza rolls Of course!

Do I give it to them? Yes, I do. Sometimes I choose convenience. I'll be honest though, I was never one of those kids that asked for mac 'n cheese from a box. It didn't really taste that good to me. My sister on the other hand Although I could suffer Velveeta shells and cheese So, yes I buy boxed mac and cheese for convenience Not that I eat it I do, on the other hand ADORE homemade mac and cheese Four Cheese and Bacon "Macaroni". Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil.

Cook cavatappi 8 minutes in boiling water, then drain. Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, cook bacon over medium heat until crisp. Transfer to paper towel lined plate to drain. Pour all but 2 Tbs. Whisk in flour until smooth. Whisk in milk in a thin stream. Bring to boil over medium-high, then reduce heat and simmer 2 minutes. In large bowl, toss together first 3 cheeses.

Combine cooked pasta and cheese sauce. Pour half in to prepared dish. Increase oven temperature to broil and broil 3 minutes, until top is lightly browned. Now THIS is my kind of mac 'n cheese! Creamy cheesy goodness to appease the inner cheeseslut Did somebody say mac and cheese came in a box?

I didn't think so Dissolve yeast in large bowl with water and sugar.


Mix in eggs and oil. Toss cheese and serranos with flours and salt. Mix all into wet ingredients with wooden spoon. I like to season mine with a good amount of black pepper for a cacio e pepe vibe. I also love this with medium shells. Finally, and I forgot to mention this initially, but sauces like this can be great with a touch of finely grated garlic — just half a small clove, Microplaned, would be ideal for this volume. Do not go crazy measuring two teaspoons of butter from a stick, just use a little shy of the tablespoon mark. Bring a small-to-medium pot of very well-salted water to a boil and add your dried pasta.

Cook it until firm tender, then drain. Return pot to stove and melt butter in the bottom. Using a spoon or whisk, add flour and mix until it disappears. Add milk, a tiny splash at a time, stirring constantly so no lumps form. Bring sauce to a simmer. Cook, stirring, for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in grated cheese until combined. Add drained pasta, stir to evenly coat. Repeat as needed.

Rate this: Do More: New here? You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I Made This. I Have a Question. Notify me of new comments via email. I made that after it was published. YES — it was heavy — but my older daughter and husband loved it. I ate so much homemade mac and cheese during my second pregnancy that it turned me off for years…! How To Cook Like Heston: I have been obsessed with cacio e pepe this winter!

I will have to try out your slightly more complicated version. If you like cacio e pepe, you need to try this: Not worth repeating.

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It works! I too was worried about the gumminess of using broth, and then I read somewhere to cook the broken angel hair pieces like risotto and add the broth slowly, not all at once. Worked like a charm! Both husband and 5 year old had seconds. Thank you for posting this — it was perfect for my home-alone supper last night: Creamy and delicious. You just have to make sure you are adding enough liquid and keep an eye on it, not leaving the pot lid on the whole time.

Timing and liquid is tricky with this one, but so worth it if it comes out right! Practicing helps: This is funny…my two oldest kids grew up on a steady diet of everything fresh from the garden, homemade everything, rarely touched anything out of a box — and now they are teenagers who refuse my cooking to have cheap freezer pizzas, McDonalds and yes, frosting straight out of the can. My kids, 33 and 36 now, had a junky food phase but have come full circle to healthy homemade meals. Especially when the ever-adorable grandkids started arriving!

We switched to an omnivorous diet and I swear my oldest loves meat above all things now. And shuns most vegetables, despite my assurances that veggies and fruits are good for you. In college I rejoiced at the sugary cereals in bulk containers in the dining hall and tostinos pizza rolls and doritos. Let them rebel and remember that all those junk foods are usually fortified with lots of vitamins. But… I still love me some boxed mac and cheese! The state of gluten-free pasta has vastly improved and there are several brands that are terrific.

I use potato starch rather than wheat flour for thickening, and it works great. My gluten-loving friends and family cannot tell the difference! Thank you for this! You might need to experiment with amounts — I think corn starch is about half the amount of regular flour…. I fear I will end up buying one of those small plastic tubs of pre-grated parmesan because it always takes me forever to do so myself — are there any tricks there? I like to just pop my chunk of parmesan or other hard cheese into the food processor with just the blade and whir it into submission.

Anything to avoid grating my knuckles or nails…. To clarify, just the blade versus another food processor part? I think I only have a blade option. I use my vitamix to chop parmesan cheese. Cutting it was into chunks first. I buy the large block of parmesan from Costco. I save some of the block to have for snacking and grating larger chunks as needed.

I tried the after seeing it on your Instagram stories. I love it.

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Its a keeper. Try a Greek food specialty store. Thanks guys, for answering my call for help. I can taste it now…. Any place that you would find fresh phyllo and vats of feta probably has mizithra. Sometimes it comes in a block, and sometimes I see it shredded and bagged. This is going to be dangerous. Throw all fantasies about my last 8 weeks of pregnancy being super healthy out the window! Thank you! Ok good job posting this just before lunchtime! My one-year-old and I are scarfing this down right now.

I used egg noodles and extra sharp cheddar, but kept your measurements and everything. Very yummy! I confess the three-year-old consumed quite a bit of the boxed stuff mostly because I wanted it for lunch too! Thanks for a quick and yummy alternative! Yeah, that study on phthalates in cheese products was disturbing. The amount of phthalates found in cheese powder was even four times higher than in other cheese…: Thanks for sharing, Deb! We purchased a large wedge of parmesan, and are dedicating a week to trying recipes that feature parmesan.

So far we are planning on Caesar salad; your asparagus, artichoke and shitake risotto; and will definitely be adding this to our list. Any other recommendations would be appreciated! Oooooh, make some frico — just put mounds of shredded parm on a parchment covered sheet pan and bake at F for minutes. You can even be fancy and shape the warm frico chips into cups or use herbed goat cheese between two frico chips to make an amazing frico sandwich snack.

Mac & Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin

Try it with half cheddar, half smoked gouda some time ;-. This is not a quest for followers -scarcely ever use the platform- but I can be found on Twitter: After it closed, several of us started The Great Food Forum. It reminds me of my new obsession: Just an etcetera, btw, I was thinking about adding some vegetables to this but my actual favorite way to eat this is with a side of a sharp, lemony green salad, like the kale caesar in my new book or the kale salad here.

The contrast is aces here. And Deb, your love for the orange powder is what keeps me coming back. Listen, boxed shells and cheese is still my favorite food. You gotta try it Deb. How are you using the sodium citrate? I may need to order some. And I love the KD shells with 3 cheeses so fear not, you are not alone. Would highly recommend this version as well.

I get mine here from King Arthur Flour https: This is the perfect solution to had to homemade. So we finally got a Kraft box and would make it for her. But this one sounds like a keeper. Looking forward to trying the revised version…maybe today for lunch! So happy to have it recorded somewhere other than a screenshot!

I am interested in trying the smaller amount of butter — I had been adding just a tablespoon or so if the pasta cooking water to thin it out. This recipe is the number one comfort food from my childhood.

Mac & Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin | Cooking On the Side

I call it so elegantly Parmesan pasta. The most challenging weeks end with a bowl of this, some red wine, and chocolate ice cream. Your kids are adorable! Jacob looks exactly like software would have predicted your child to look like with Alex, the perfect mix: Oh good lord, I just made this and ate it in about 25 min. Earth-shattering-ly good on a cold windy day like today. The mix of parmesan and sharp cheddar was an incredible kick.

I topped my bowl with a handful of baby kale so I could feel it was a teensy bit more defensible for lunch. But it was actually a tasty, peppery addition. As soon as I took the drained pasta and added it to the sauce, the sauce seized up and turned almost to a gum-like texture. Taste is great, but not smooth and creamy: To be fair I seem to have this problem a lot with bechamel sauces! They talk about the issue here: I had much better results when letting the cheese warm to room temperature, and taking the white sauce off the heat and letting it sit for a minute or so before adding the cheese.

So for a family of four would you just…quadruple this? It would work well here. Yes I am from Italy and can confirm this: Grana Padano is a perfect substitute for Parmigiano, especially if you manage to fin a well-aged type say at least 24 months. Glad to hear this. Tell me: I know that basics — use good quality EVOO on salad or when the ingredient is the shining star, but wondering if I am missing anything.

Also, I made this mac and cheese for dinner last night — doubled it, used half parm and half sharp cheddar, added a dollop of sour cream because I was winging it, and it was delish. Of course, my kid only ate raspberries and croutons, but at least my husband liked it. Canned tomatoes! I tend to go for the Muir Glen fire roasted for most recipes but would love to hear your thoughts on what to splurge vs save on. Would truffles fall into this category or are they too fancy? Vanilla, saffron, fancy salts…. I never thought about bolstering my cheddar with parm or pecorino, though!

Interesting Deb, I always try to avoid starchiness with mac n cheese- actually, with any pasta so I always boil with copious amounts of water, and cook the pasta very al dente. To me, it allows the cheesiness to really stand out and the cheesy flavor seems to stay more concentrated as well. Ah, Vive le difference!

My one tweak is to add a good bit of hatch green chile powder which really pumps it up. Alex — I was just thinking of adding a note about hatch green chile powder, then I saw your post! LOVE the flavor! Unique flavor. I make mac and cheese with a bechamel, too- but find that when I add just the pecorino pre-grated from the store, but nothing added that I have on hand, the texture of the sauce is always grainy. Oh, maybe this is what happened to mine.

I was worried about my cheese melting so I popped the heat on briefly. Otherwise though, it was amazing. But definitely better. I had to go out and get more pasta and parmesan tonight for repeats. In the bad old days, one might add a drop of red and yellow food coloring to this to give the impression that yellow cheddar was used, or to impersonate Kraft Dinner. Today, perhaps one could add a tiny bit of carrot juice to accomplish the same thing if you have ever read the Little House books, you would know that in olden days pioneer women would add color to their butter with a little bit of grated carrot juice.

I know it is crazy for an adult to say, but this looks so white. I need my mac and cheese to look orange…at least a little orange. Anyway I just made this exact recipe for my three year old and she scarfed it all down very happily. Just a suggestion! My version of quick homemade mac and cheese tastes just like the box but is if I may offer humbly even quicker and easier. Over high heat, stir in a couple tablespoons of butter, a couple tablespoons of creme fraiche, and a handful or two of pre-grated sharp cheddar right from the bag!

Done and delicious! I make it for my 5-year old but make extra for me! Always delicious and devoured. Also, I have no idea what quantity of flour is used when the butter is rolled in flour. I made this for myself tonight. I had 6 ounces of penne rigate on hand, so I scaled all the other ingredients up to the slightly higher quantity of pasta.

I used an ounce of cheddar and half an ounce of pecorino romano in the sauce. Since mine was stale got lost in the back of the spice shelf I used vadouvan instead when I made the roux. I liked the way it turned out and had a hard time only eating half. I find it genius that this recipe is infinitely scalable. Well ok, maybe not infinitely, but easily scalable up to about a pound of pasta. I put more grated cheese on top and put it under the grill to brown. I have never made macaroni cheese from a packet. I add a little dried mustard powder and a teaspoon of stock powder to increase the flavour.

The comments remind me that years ago a cousin who is an excellent cook had her daughter come home from a sleepover raving about a dinner with I think meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Your opening comment, Deb, about the grocery store being your second home reminded me of my times in the grocery aisles with a child in the cart, almost 30 years ago now. I make the Martha version all the time but only half the recipe since we are only two people. It reheats very well too. I even gave some to one of my neighbors who then wanted the recipe.

Thanks for the recipe; I'll let you know how version 2 turns out! October 5, at 2: I just made this recipe tonight and we all thought it was superb! My 3 year old cleaned his bowl in record time. I used a 7 qt crockpot, since I didn't think it would fit well in my smaller one. I found that 8oz of pasta wasn't enough and ended up boiling more oz and tossing it in. I followed the directions of some of the other commentors and cooked on low for 1 hour and stirred every 30 mins for a total of 2 hours.

The noodles were cooked perfectly and the sauce was creamy I used sharp, extra sharp and swiss. I also tossed in some cubes of ham I had left over. I say this is one for my recipe book! October 26, at 2: Like the stuff that is 33 cents per box. I used skimmed milk. I used about 2 tablespoons of Grey Poupon mustard vice the dry mustard.

I used cheddar cheese. I used two cups of elbow macaroni. I cooked it on high for about 2 hours, stirring frequently. I didn't make this for dinner, just as a test. I believe it may be a small miracle if there is any left by morning. Despite being totally full from dinner, I keep stealing forkfulls of this as it cools on the counter.

It is SO good! Yes, the cheddar cheese ends up making a sort of 'grainy' cheese sauce. But it has some umphf to it. The Grey Poupon mustard gives the cheese a sort of 'welsh rarebit' sort of taste - a real comfort memory food from my childhood. This recipe is a keeper, and I know it will be a huge hit on Nov 4th! Thanks so much! October 28, at 5: Ive got everything in the crockpot right now! I cant wait until its done to see if it worked for me or not!

I was going to ask a question if thats okay - is ground mustard the same as dried mustard? I am no professional! I guess that is why I love my crockpot so much! November 2, at 6: I am going to make this from now on for the holidays! It reminds me of a deli-style macaroni and cheese! November 3, at 2: I made this the other night, and I used half sharp cheese and half cheddar. My husband said that it was the best mac and cheese he had ever eaten, and he makes it alot with different recipes. I was a little nervous about not cooking the macaroni first, but it came out great.

I keeper in my house, now I need to get more crockpots so I can have more than one thing going at a time!!! November 15, at 5: This is after about an hour on high What in the world am I doing wrong? I want to cry. November 15, at 9: I have no clue. There is no rhyme or reason to this recipe, and I'm tempted to pull it, yet so many people have gotten it to work. Hi again Steph, Just been reading through your blog!

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You are making me hungry! Can you give me some tips for doing pasta in a crock pot and it not turning mega crummy or mushy November 15, at BUT, I'm using nonfat powdered milk mixed with water of course, and about 12 slices of Velveeta type cheese as that is what I have on hand. Has anyone else substituted either of these? I'll let you know if it works. November 24, at 2: It worked beautifully! Maybe I used a little too much cheese but my husband loved it and it is creamy and not curdled after about 3 hours at the low setting and stirring frequently.

Can't wait to try more of the recipes! November 24, at 5: November 26, at 4: I was also a failure with this recipe! I was so excied to try it! The pasta cooked WAY earlier than the liquid thickened. It turned into a big pile if mush - very very tasty mush, but the look and texture has MUCH to be desired.

Thanks, though! I've tried a few and the rest of your recipes are wonderful! November 27, at I made this dish today for a potluck. I found that there was no curdling when it's on low and using finely shredded packaged cheese. I too used one egg, but I drove the ingredients to work.

So I thought to myself, curdling happens when dairy ingredients are not tempered. If you have a stellar crockpot like mine that heats in like 30 seconds, the stuff right from the fridge might have just been too much of a shock to the dairy. So for what it's worth, we used 1 tsp of mustard, I could have gone for 2, but that is totally a personal choice. I think this is the most awesome thing ever as I thought pasta was off limits in a crock unless it was the last 30 minutes of cooking so I am now forever changed.

I must admit, I will be sad when the challenge is up, but will use this as a reference in my meal planning going forward! Thanks for sharing your obsession!!! I give this 4 stars!!! December 5, at 4: I have just tried this today. The taste is good but the appearance, well, it looks like what we cleaned up when the boys were sick last week. December 23, at 2: This recipe sounds fantastic! I can hardly wait to try this out! One extra comment though, for people substituting yellow mustard - wouldn't that assist with the "curdled" milk that's going on with some reports?

The vinegar in yellow mustard would curdle even large amount of milk easily?! December 31, at January 4, at 5: It was awesome. For the last 15 minutes, I propped open the crockpot with a wooden spoon. I think that helped some of the excess liquid evaporate while the pasta was perfect. I also cooked up a bunch of bacon actually, maybe too much, if there is such a thing and added that in.

January 5, at 1: But my husband used cheddar cheese instead of colby jack, and it definitely had a different texture. The cheddar made it a lot grainier. We'll use colby jack or monterey jack in the future! January 9, at I omitted the egg, just because the thought of it wasn't doing it for me. At 4 hours it had gone mushy! I will watch closer next time but the taste was fantastic! January 15, at I was a little nervous to make this after the mixed reviews, but I figured I'd give it a go Here are my mods: Cooked on low 2.

I'd probably go with a tad more salt and paprika next time. Keep trying this recipe all you out there - it'll work! January 31, at 5: How else can this cheesy dish be described? It cooked about 3 hours in my Rival 4 Qt crockpot. It cooked perfectly. I wouldn't call it grainy but it certainly wasn't velveeta smooth. Real cheese just has some texture to it which is a good thing. The kids ate it up.

February 20, at 5: I saw this recipe and wanted to try it since there was no evaporated milk in the ingredients. I also substituted part of the cheddar with Velveeta. It turned out delish! I put mine on high and stirred every 15 minutes and more frequently when it was closer to being done.

Cowboy Cookies

The texture was great. It did barely begin to curdle, but the frequent stirring took care of that. Great for the crockpot, but not a recipe to leave all day. Will make again! March 9, at 7: I made this a few weeks ago! It was amazing. I made it in a six quart, though, and added about three cups of pasta to speed the process up. Thanks for the recipe. In the six quart, it only took about two hours to cook. March 12, at Thanks so much for the recipe! I made this last night, using orecchiette as the pasta and a white cheddar, and it turned out so good - al dente noodles and a rich, smooth sauce.

I added a pinch of nutmeg to this, too. I think the reason that my sauce was not grainy was because I was using the good stuff: March 19, at I am going to get this started right away. Thanks for sharing the recipe! March 26, at 8: I didn't see the addition about mixed reviews until a few min ago after adding to my menu and pulling out ingredients lol so I'm really hoping this works for me! And I'll be back to let ya know how it turns out! April 2, at 1: April 22, at 3: May 15, at I have a recipe that has you add dijon instead of dried mustard, and it is SO good!

May 21, at 4: The 2 year old love it as well. I will be making it again and again! May 30, at 3: This mac and cheese turned out delicious. My husband said he wasn't a fan because the cheese wasn't smooth and creamy enough, but he still ate two bowls! I told him that this tasted different because it wasn't full of processed preservatives. I had no curdling whatsoever, and so I'm going to say pretty confidently that the curdling problem likely stemmed from substituting regular yellow mustard, which has vinegar.

I cooked on high for 60 minutes and then stirred every 15 minutes until it was done total start-to-end cook time was 1 hr 45 min. I let it sit for about minutes and stirred every few to let the mixture set. We have great leftovers and I'm definitely going to make again. June 8, at 9: Steph- Just to make sure I spray the crock before every dish, I keep a can of spray stored in the pot.

No more "wish I haddas" at cleanup time. June 29, at 9: I just discovered a great way to clean my crockpot after struggling for years with stuck on food. Now after the meal is over I just scrape out any leftovers fill with water a big squirt of dish soap and set back on to cook on high for a few hours.

Then before bed I unplug it and let it sit overnight. The next morning it just rinses right out. The best part of all is my crockpot isn't taking up my sink room. I cooked on high for 1 hour and then stirred every 15 minutes after that. It seemed too have too much liquid so I added one cup of macaroni cooked on the stove top. The texture was a little grainey. I put it in a casserole dish, sprinkled cheddar cheese on top and baked for min at That helped quite a bit with the texture - much smoother and my family liked it.

July 4, at 5: I tried this recipe last night, its been so hot here and I had been wanting to make mac n cheese but I didnt want to heat up the kitchen. I used Wacky Mac cork screw noodles and I would have to say that choice was a mistake. In 2 hours the pasta had literally melted so I ended up throwing in some elbow macaroni that I cooked to al dente an the stove top and then it was fine. I will make this again, but not with the wacky mac.

July 28, at 8: August 1, at 1: August 17, at 3: I tend to set it low, and then bump it up to high if we're nearing dinner time and it's not quite ready. Ours' ends up creamy, and we've never had curdling problems, but I think it's because we're at a high altitude. A lot of my baking, and even crock potting is effected because of it. But, obviously, with this dish, it helps! On another note, I just had a friend military wife move to Korea. They don't have ovens there, so I think I'll be buying the book to send her way.

Maybe she'll get hooked on the crock pot like I am!!!! Thank you for doing this, you rock my socks! August 20, at 1: OMG my husband and I loooove this recipe I cooked it on low for about 4 hours but 30 mins before it was done I topped it with more shredded cheese, when I scooped it out the cheese was stretchy and so good.

This is definitely a comfort food and I will never again make mac n cheese in the oven this was so quick to put together all I can say is Thank you thank you stephanie for putting this site together! I am going to try the fried rice tomorrow night. September 1, at 7: Well I dont know what I did wrong but I followed the recipe exactly except that I doubled it. I kept thinking that I should know when its done cuz most of the milk would be absorbed but that never happened so after about 2 hrs the pasta was complete mush but there was still way to much milk in it so it looked pretty much like cheese soup.

I did use regular pasta and regular milk, so I dont know if that makes a difference or not September 2, at 2: October 25, at 9: I just found this recipe and I love it! I did find that I liked it better as left-overs than the first go with it though. I do use a pound of pasta without doubling the milk, two eggs, and no mustard. I really think it's all about tweaking to individual tastes. October 25, at 1: Hi, I made this as a last minute dinner on a Sunday when we found out another family was stopping by to visit.

It cooked in my 5qt. I served it with a big salad and corn bread. Thanks so much for this recipe! October 29, at 1: Just made this last night for three people, and it's all gone! I added another cup of milk in my six quart Crock-Pot, and additional spices to taste, as well as some more cheese. It turned out fine--and I am in heaven knowing I can do this dish with reduced carbs. November 9, at 9: Ran over to me to thank me enthusiastically. It's a hot with whole family and one I will be doing again and again. Recipe I had before asked for the macaroni to be precooked which took more time than Ihad some days.

Will be sticking with this one in the future. November 11, at 9: I'm new to slow cooking. And I've always been really scared and reluctant to modify recipes. Can I ask what the mustard is for? Can I omit it? I'm scared! Help me through it: November 12, at 1: Morgan, the mustard is for flavor only, you can omit it with no over changes to the dishes structure. November 24, at 4: For those who found the sauce consistency to be grity or generally not smooth enough, try this recipe. While it's slightly more labour intensive than Stephanie's recipe, it's the best crockpot mac and cheese I've ever found: Drain and set aside.

In a medium saucepan, mix butter and cheese. Stir until the cheese melts. The cheese will likely clump and look scary, but this is okay. It will all smooth out later! Add drained macaroni and stir again. Set the slow cooker on high setting and cook for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. November 26, at 5: Well it's happened, this recipe has unseated my heart attack in a baking dish mac and cheese.

That is no small honor. I made it exactly as written only I doubled it. Lived dangerously. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes to absolute creamy, silky, cheesy, perfection! I even used the full T of dry mustard per recipe. It was delicious! Don't change a thing. January 11, at It is like the Mecca of Crock-Potting!

After years of using my mom's or roommate's crock pots, I finally got my first crock pot 6qt for Christmas. Determined not to let it stow away, unused in my basement, I tried this recipe; since I absolutely LOVE mac and cheese. I mean, who doesn't? I was a little unsure about the recipe, since I read your disclaimer. But I read a lot of the comments that people posted and proceeded with caution anyway. It was still deliciously cheesy. I also added some red peppers and broccoli, which made it that much more delicious. I am so glad I read the comments before I started because I'm not sure it would have turned out so well if I hadn't been stirring every half an hour after the first hour.

My boyfriend and I ate it all within 1 day and I even got him to eat the vegetables, which is a major accomplishment! I have since made pulled pork, beef stew, and garlic drumsticks in my crock pot. Every time I want to make something now, I automatically come read your index section to see if you've already made it.

Thank you for taking the guess work out! January 28, at 4: Great flavor, but just too grainy to repeat as written. Will try to add a stabilizer like flour or cornstarch to see if it gets creamier because I did like the taste. February 19, at 6: I have had past success with this recipe and now I am so totally bummed it didn't work.

I made the recipe as listed as I've done in the past with excellent results. My cheese went immediately from the stringy to the clumpy.. It was quite mushy after 4 hours I had to seek help to get past it's texture tho. It's flavour was yummie: I was so looking forward to a yummie dinner at a reasonable hour and ended up with mush at The only thing I did tonight that I'd not done before was use frozen grated cheese. I think there was a comment about tempering dairy and I think the frozen cheese was the issue. Hopefully this will help another. February 24, at 9: Tried this for the first time today.

Followed the recipe exactly; used my ancient crock pot 35 years old, round 4-quart, which does not have a removable crock and is a lovely burnt orange color. I used all finely-shredded sharp cheddar, Barilla macaroni, skim milk and dry mustard. I was diligent to stir every half-hour, and it took about 2.

Toward the end, the pasta was al dente and the sauce a bit thin, so I took the lid off and stirred for the last half hour.

The Science Behind the Perfect Cheese Sauce

About 3 hours total. Photo of the finished product here: February 25, at 1: Tastes ok though, a little grainy. If I try it again, which I might, I will try velveeta. February 27, at 3: At work we have Soup Thursdays. I'm always out of luck because of my gluten-freeness. I always make a soup but I wanted to show the office it wasn't that scary to make something else. I'd made a different mac and cheese before but didn't love it. I read this one and thought I'd give it a whirl.

Everyone loved it. I also put in the mustard but totally forgot the egg. It took a while to thicken but in the end, it was perfect. I stirred every hour and all together it took 3 hours on high. I even doubled the recipe and it was fine. I feel like I could've used more pasta though. He didn't love the other one I made in the crockpot but this one he raved about.

Love the site. Found it just in time! March 11, at 9: Adds an extra kick, and tastes amazing! April 1, at 9: I tried this tonight and I came up with a theory about the "curdle" factor I started this late but let the milk rest to get to room temp about 45 minutes. Then I left out the egg we were out and put the rest of it in the cooker on high. After an hr I got some clumps. I stirred it and reduced the heat to low.