How to tile 2 windows side-by-side on screen mac

I downloaded Spectacle to test out how well a free program would work.

Stop dragging windows on your Mac. Here's how to use Split View to multitask

Luckily, I was not disappointed. Spectacle also offers keyboard shortcuts that allows you to not only tile, but organize and resize windows, which makes it even more convenient to use it. Let us know which option works best for you in the comments section. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox.

Designed by Blog Consulting. Account, you will need to unlock it by selecting the Lock icon and entering your password. Once unlocked, click the box next to Spectacle to enable it.

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Launch Spectacle, and review the shortcuts. You can also change these hotkeys by tapping on the one you wish to change, and entering a new hotkey command.

How to tile windows on your Mac

But what if you want to work in a different way? Mosaic allows you to tile open windows on your Mac screen so that they are all visible at the same time, but also neat and tidy. This app has a library of set layouts for tiled windows.

Work in Split View

When you drag a window on your Mac, the layout view appears as an overlay on screen and you choose the one you want, and where you want the current window to sit in that layout. You can then add more windows to the it. Layouts can be organized in groups — such as those for two apps, three apps, etc.

Enter Split View

And, as a final neat touch, you can control Mosaic on your Mac from an accompanying iOS app. So you can use apps side by side, without the distraction of other windows. Search for Mosaic in Setapp and click Install. Choose another window you want to appear on the screen alongside the one you just tiled, and drag it onto the same layout in a different position. The two windows will now appear on-screen in the layout you chose. You can click on one to make it active and work on it, just as you would normally. By default, only the most common layouts are shown when you drag a window.

To change that so that all layouts are shown, or those from a specific group:. You can change that to a column view — similar to row view but with layouts displayed vertically; a grid view — that displays layouts on a grid in the centre of the screen; or docked view — that displays half-size layouts docked to the top of the screen. To change the view, click on the Mosaic menu bar item and select Layout View, then your choice of view.

To activate Layout view from a keyboard shortcut, rather than by dragging and selecting, make sure the window you want to apply the layout to is selected and press Alt-Shift-Cmd-L. Click on the layout you want to use. To change the keyboard shortcut, go to Preferences the Behaviour. Click on the keyboard shortcut at the bottom of the window and type a new shortcut.

To change which layouts are displayed, do the same, but choose a Group instead. You can also set up keyboard shortcuts for positions within layouts. So, for example you could set one up for the left side of a two-window layout where the windows are side by side and each occupy half the screen. To do that, go to Preferences and click the Layouts tab.

Choose the Left layout in the list of layouts in at the left of the window, then click Record shortcut. Type the shortcut you want to use.

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Now repeat for the Right layout, using a different shortcut. To test it, go to a window on screen, click on it and type the shortcut for Left or Right.

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  7. The window will move into position. If none of the layouts in the layout library are suitable for your work, you can create a new one.